(Words and Music by Terry Moore)

I’ve always had this yearning, to see the USA
Tho’ Scotland, is my country, and my home
So after twenty-one years of service, well I think I’ve paid my dues
So Civvy Street, is where I’m starting from.

I checked out at Check Point Charlie, and handed in my stripes
Headed up to Templehoff, to catch a plane
Well it’s now or never, so I headed for the States
And I caught a flight, direct to Bangor Maine.

Then I made my way to Portland, and seen the jewels of Casco Bay
Took the highway down, to New York State
Then I ended up in Buffalo, it was Christmas time, and thick with snow
Lord, I’m a long long way from Glasgow.

Met some old Nam’ vets in Cleveland, who were wishing they were stoned
But the grass they use, well, it don’t come for free
So we traded on some stories, shared a drink, and a blow or two
I said goodbye, and headed down for Tennessee.

Nashville if full of superstars, just waitin’ for their break
And Elvis, haunts the streets of Memphis still
These Southern States, are really great, and so  full of history
And the “Ducks”, still strut the halls, of the Peabody.

America you’re awesome, and I thank you for the ride
And there’s so much more, that I would love to see
But the call of home, is really strong, I may be back, ah  you never know
But I’m heading home to Scotland, I’m going back to Glasgow.