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Terry Moore and Friends "Stories of Scotland"

  1. The Ladies From Hell (Terry Moore & The Royal Regiment of Scotland Pipes & Drums)
  2. My Streets of Scotland (Diane Fields)
  3. An American Journey (Terry Moore)
  4. Fly With the Golden Eagle (Pat McEwan)
  5. Princes Street (Michael Loughran)
  6. The Glory of the Clyde (The Hamilton Voices)
  7. Mary of Dunblane (Pat McEwan)
  8. The Salvation Hallelujah Band (Michael Loughran)
  9. The 1877 Blantyre Explosion (Terry Moore)
  10. Scotland I Love You (Glasgow Version) (Terry Moore)
  11. The Identical Twins (Comedy) (Terry Moore)
  12. My Streets of Scotland (Instrumental) (George Rodger)
  13. Mary of Dunblane (Instrumental) (George Rodger)
  14. Fly With the Golden Eagle (Instrumental) (George Rodger)