(Words and Music by Terry Moore)

They say your first love, never leaves your memory
And all those feelings, will n’er return again
But my first love, has always been my true love
My lovely Mary, of Dunblane.

By Allan Water, we said our last goodbye
You kept the locket, and I adorned the chain
Tho’ I must leave you, I will always love you
Please wait for me, Mary of Dunblane.

And when the dark, and lonely nights come calling
I think of you, and gently kiss the chain
And this war, and foreign fields that wait for me
Then I feel you close to me, to guide me home again.

It’s almost Christmas, we all sing Silent Night
With different words, but they all mean the same
When this truce is over, we will all go over
Please wait for me,  Mary of Dunblane.

               (Cello Solo)

You are my first love, always be my true love
My Mary…….Mary of Dunblane.

                (Cello Solo)

My Lovely Mary,……………Mary of Dunblane.