Songwriter's Story

Its 2am in the morning, silence! A cup of tea, a packet of fags and a blank piece of paper. Ok I say to myself, I am finally going to write this song about the young. Its been niggling away at me for so long. I have written a lot of songs on different subjects but always had this voice in my head saying, what about the song for the young. I think it was planted in my subconcious for so long, particularly when I think back to my own youth and the opportunities we had and the lack of opportunities for our youth. It is a duty of each generation to invest in the generation following, but that seems to have been lost somewhere along the way. Is it a case of "I'm alright Jack", fuck you. I do not know, but what I do know, there could be a lost generation on the horizon and that is criminal and it mustn't be allowed to happen. I could go on here and get all political etc, but at the end of the day, no matter what political persuasion, they are not doing enough.

So the song is written, words and music. Then we got six young kids to sing it, 3 girls, 3 boys.They have little or no experience of recording in a studio, but they can all hold a tune. I just hope we have the right mix of voices and personalities that can carry the song and message. After a few rehearsals, things started to take shape. Self confidence grew and with that the song grew with them. Then we go into studio and after each session the song was starting to take a life of its own along with the belief of the singers. So what started as an ugly duckling, scrawled on a piece of paper, blossomed along with the vocalists into "We are the Young". Very well done Emma, James, Toni, Martin, Leeanne and Bryan and our three excellent backing singers, Calum, Paul and Rob. I am so proud of you all. Also all the other folk who helped us along the way, particularly Jamie our recording engineer and the excellent John Fernon on guitar.

Thanks and God bless you all.